What is Power Taekwondo?

Power Taekwondo is the new name for the long established Worthing Taekwondo club.

Power Taekwondo is a fitness regime that is more than just a martial art. It contains the key features of traditional ITF Taekwondo : discipline, self defense, self confidence, and combat training, combined with a balance of aerobic and circuit training.... as well as an excellent social life!


Having been established for nearly 10 years, instructors, Lara and Dave Stitt, have created a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. With its modern training syllabus, Power Taekwondo suits the needs of everyone. Our lessons range from dedicated beginner's classes, right through to top level competition training.

Why Taekwondo?

Most new students are interested in getting fit and toning the body, but find ordinary exercise classes boring or repetitive! With Power Taekwondo you will have the opportunity to improve your fitness in a more interesting way, with the added bonus of learning to defend yourself, whilst learning a new and valuable skill.

About the Instructors

Power Taekwondo benefits from the balance created by its instructors. Having both male and female instructors, Power Taekwondo makes everyone feel at ease.


Lara Stitt, 4th Dan, is an internationally acredited instructor and has been training for 17 years and teaching for the past 10. Lara provides the back bone to the traditional elements of Taekwondo, specializing in the original art.


David Stitt, 3rd Dan, has 21 years experience in Taekwondo that has taken him all the way from local and national tournaments, to international and world class ranking. David shows the practical, realistic side of the art, combining sparring and pad work, with the traditions of Taekwondo.


Power Taekwondo also has support from many other instructors within the club. All of our instructors are police checked and compliment the teaching of David and Lara. Each instructor is, at minimum a 1st Dan black belt with 4 years experience.