Taekwondo Lessons


Power Tae Kwon-Do Our junior classes are from children aged around 5 and onwards. These classes are there to give your child confidence before they can move into the cadet classes.

The classes involve small group work. Working this closely with each other teaches them mutual respect, which is essential in an environment such as Tae Kwon-Do. With self control and discipline, the children at Power Tae Kwon-Do learn to respect and understand their capabilities, as well as the needs of others.

Self defence, pad work and sparring can only be possible if the child feels safe. The juniors are encouraged to work in small groups or partners as much as possible, introducing the concept of sharing and responsibility. In the cadets they will develop these skills further.

Power Tae Kwon-Do provides much more than just kicking and punching. We sharpen their motor skills, develop their social skills, build their confidence and most importantly… WE ALL HAVE FUN!!!


These classes are the traditional “Kup” grade following the ITF syllabus; preparing for their Black belt and beyond.

A greater degree of discipline and understanding is expected from this class.

They learn more complex techniques and sparring styles, develop strength and flexibility, ready for their promotion into the Adult class, as and when they are ready.

The Kup Cadets provide the standard which the Power Junior Grades will follow, in time. They are good role models for the younger ones, and an excellent example of what can be achieved.


This class is for the more advanced students, all the way up to Black Belt. As you would imagine, the expectations of the students are that much higher. They reflect all the qualities that Power Tae Kwon-Do represent.

Discipline, dedication and loyalty are all displayed in this class. Each student has their own goal to achieve. Becoming a Black Belt is just the beginning of their journey, as they make the transition from Tae Kwon-Do being a hobby to becoming a way of life

Sunday Sparring

This is a session that is completely removed from the grading syllabus. It is a lesson for anyone of any grade to come along and learn how to spar.

It is a combination of fitness and sparring. This one hour session includes; running, circuit training, pad work, sparring, stretching and teamwork. If you want to enter competitions this is the ideal lesson.

This unique class allows you to do as much or as little as you want. If you need to get fit, there's no better place. If you want to exceed your expectations, it is all achieved here.

The instructors work alongside the students, training together. Just when you feel you can't carry on, they take you to another level of motivation and determination.